Dr. Christopher Vo was born, raised, and educated in North Carolina. He attended East Carolina University as an EC Scholar where he earned his B.S. in biology. Following graduation, he was accepted to UNC’s School of Dentistry where he earned his D.D.S. degree. During his time in dental school, Dr. Vo focused on learning the newest dental technologies and applying them in some of the most advanced forms of dental treatment. While both in undergrad and dental school, Dr. Vo volunteered with the North Carolina Missions of Mercy and continues to provide care to underserved patients across the state. Dr. Vo also participates as an adjunct instructor with the UNC School of Dentistry and enjoys working with dental students at these volunteer clinics.

As a dentist, Dr. Vo strongly focuses on two things: patient education and preventive healthcare. While he enjoys helping patients correct their dental problems, he tells folks that the most valuable service that he can offer is to help them avoid dental problems. Achieving that goal starts with helping patients first understand why their natural, healthy teeth are – almost always – better than anything that he can offer as a replacement and then secondly helping patients preserve and protect what they naturally have. The result? Less time drilling and filling. More time enjoying the things that really matter in life.

When Dr. VO isn’t in his Dental scrubs, he enjoys photography and short film making (often about teeth…). During the spring and summer months, you can find him dripping sweat on the tennis court or at NC’s Crystal Coast fishing. He also enjoys digging clams with his friends, family and English setter, Ladybird. His fiancée has nick-named him the “bug-ologist” due to his strange interest in insects and bee keeping. He is aware that he looks very young and has been known to joke that he plans “to go back to high school if this whole dentistry thing doesn’t work out”.